Month: May 2015

Fatherologist on Instagram

I remember a time when there were content creators and content consumers and a gap between them. Nowadays everyone can be either one, at any time. It’s indeed a new era and a great way of democratising art and the perception of it, even if it brings an abundance of duckface selfiestick portraits and cheezy quotes. On my Instagram page you’ll find my attempts to capture the beauty of everyday life.


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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”/Shakespeare

Shakespeare was right, of course it doesn’t really matter what we call him, he will still be who he will be. The question I ask myself is, will he feel and look like what we name him? You know some people you meet, they own their names in a way that you’d think they picked it themselves.…

The Dawn Of A New Life – This is the most amazing person I’ve ever met. The strongest and calmest, smartest and silliest. She is my compass and my favorite person to get lost with.

When she got pregnant I prepared myself for what I thought was going to be 9 months of caregiving, cravings and pampering. It was her sensitivity that made me fear the worst but one should never mistake sensitivity with frailty.

I can’t say enough how proud I am, how impressed I am with how she hascarried herself throughout these months. I’ve seen a strength and determination that I’ve never seen in anyone and it is not just a pleasure and a joy to share this with her, but an honor and privilege.

Today she’s 37 weeks pregnant, which means baby is officially full term and ready to pop at any time. One would think that being over 8 months pregnant would slow her down. Instead she is more active than ever, topping out yesterday at 8km of walking!

A few weeks ago I took her down to the sea to watch the sunrise and take some photos. I wanted to illustrate the beauty of mankind with the extraordinary beauty of nature as a backdrop.



Some things are better said than read, so I decided to record it. Watch and listen, or read the article below.

I’ve never been what people might call “a team player”, nor do I enjoy the idea of conforming to ideas that I disagree with or don’t think seem logical or constructive. Whether I was a performer, DJ or desk clerk I always went my own way and that doesn’t go well with the other “team players”. Deciding to become a SAHD (Stay At Home Dad) kind of, whether I liked it or not, pushed me into that “team player” mentality where a large group of people come together over a mutual idea.

I’ve never been a father before, certainly not a SAHD and I haven’t even been around babies a lot, or at all in my life. If there was ever the need for support from a community of “peers”, this was it.…

parenting-classesWhether you’ve planned it or not, the news about becoming a parent will throw you for a loop. Once you’ve recovered from the initial shock, the reality of the daunting task’s ahead will slowly come seeping down into your consciousness. One of them will be the inexplicably panicking question of “Will I be able to handle it?”.…