Month: September 2015

Laughter Is a Child’s Most Precious Toy

Having a baby isn’t always rainbows and laughter but with plenty of sleep, good food and a supportive surrounding it is one of the most stimulating and rewarding things I’ve done in my life to this day. One of the beautiful things about children is that they aren’t jaded, anything can be fun and interesting… a sound, a funny face or even a spinning fan.

For me, engaging with my child is very important, to make him feel like a part of our dynamics rather than the thing that put us out of our loop of  our previous lifestyle. He’s in the kitchen watching when I cook, sniffing ingredients and spices and laughing at me when I eat because apparently I make funny faces of enjoyment when I eat. When I go out for walks he’s in the carrier mostly and I interact, talk and cuddle with him most of the time. Ana reads to him and we listen to music together, or sit and just trade looks and weird sounds.

One thing I knew from the start was that I didn’t want his childhood to be filled with toys and material things. I wanted him to explore the world as it is, to find wonder and amazement in everyday magic rather than in colorful plastic. He’s three and a half months now and to this day he only has two toys. When he’s bored I stimulate him by talking to him or practice anything from tummy time and hand clapping to long walks and visual stimulation.…

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A Statement About Babywearing

While all baby’s and their personality differ, Ean in particular does not like it at all when he’s alone with his mother all day and she then goes out for a few hours while I take care of him. Almost immediately he starts getting restless, usually followed by screams of the “OMG, IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!” kind.

As any person, it’s incredibly frustrating and a feeling of hopelessness washes over you as no amount of funny faces, airplane flights, armpit tickles or belly blows do anything to make things better… quite the opposite, it gets him even more upset.…

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sprout-baby-competitionEarlier this week I wrote a review about a great new app I found called Sprout Baby. Basically it’s a tracking app where you can record and keep all your baby’s stats, appointments, milestones, feedings and anything you can think of. Go ahead and check out the review for the full story:

Anyway, the lovely people at Medart Studios are now giving away 5 free copies of the application. Please note that this is for iOS only (meaning only iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), it will not work on any other device.

To win, all you have to do is email me and give me the correct answer to this… How many hours of labor did Ana go through?

Send the correct answer to: and I will pick 5 random winners by the end of next week.

As always, I really appreciate you sharing my posts and hope you continue to do so. Until next time, stay curious and get educated.…


I’m a big fan of statistics and record keeping of information, both important and random. Whether you’re interested in keeping track of your baby’s doctor’s appointments, immunisations, feedings, sleep, growth or milestones, I’ve got the perfect app for you. It’s called Sprout Baby and is a fully fledged monster of an app that does everything you need, and much more.

The good news is, it’s a truly amazing app and I’m not getting paid to say that… I actually bought the app myself because I needed it and instantly fell in love with it. The bad news is, it’s only available for iOS for now, which means it only works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

After you install it, you enter your baby’s details and away you go.

One of the best features is that you can share the app between devices and people. So once it’s synced up, anyone who’s synced will see the updates as they come. Perfect for working/travelling parents and loved ones who are far away. To avoid having to pay for it several times for family members, just log in with the Apple ID of the person who purchased it, download it and you’re done. Apple has the Family Sharing feature as well but I found it finicky and a bit buggy for this app. Once you’ve installed it on all the devices you want, you click the more tab and the gear icon to find your PIN, enter the pin on the other device(s) and you’re synced up and ready to go.

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225A7771-toymodelNo, well… yes, kind of. It depends how you look at it and how you are as a person. There are parents who drop their entire lives and get sucked into the world of babyism (no, that’s not a word). Then there are others who try to do everything they used to do and keep up with a growing baby at the same time.

Then there’s me. I love my solitude and tranquility. I live a simple life with fewer components than most. For me, other than having an extra living thing to keep safe and happy, life hasn’t changed that much. I still work on my projects and spend a lot of time with my hobbies and loved ones. My life as a whole hasn’t changed that much, but my appreciation for life, the design of it and the space we occupy in the universe has reached a new level and a new depth.…


A few weeks back I had a competition with Imsevimse‘s cloth diapers. A lot of emails came in and two winners were randomly selected. A big thank you to Imsevimse for providing the prizes and a huge thank you to all my readers who wrote and shared their heartfelt compliments with the Fatherologist project. I want you all to know it means a lot and I’m very happy to be able to share this experience and knowledge with you all.

A special thanks to the winners as well who were kind enough to share their photos of their kids enjoying their new earth friendly cloth diapers.…

Ean discovers the baby in the mirror There are so many tiny but huge moments in a parents life. The first giggle, smile, grabbing your finger. Every week seems like a new person developing right in front of your eyes. For some time, Ean has kind of realised the magic of mirrors, at least to the extent that there’s a person who looks a lot like me in there looking at him. But the other day, he discovered something new… the baby in the mirror!…