Month: October 2015



Last Monday Ana went back to work after her 4 month long (short?) maternity leave. This of course meant that it was time for me to step up my daddyhood to full time. I’ve been very busy with the house renovation and work so while I’ve been present most of the time, I haven’t spent a whole day with him alone.

Since we were out from 10 am to 5 pm I guess it doesn’t count as a typical day but one thing has become clearer than ever, being with him a whole day is a hell of a lot easier than just taking him for a few hours while the missus does something else.

The difference is quite profound. If I wake up with him, or let’s say we go through a sleep cycle together(his, not mine of course) he is completely different compared to just taking him for a few hours. The interaction is more intimate and dynamic, there’s a lot less risk of crying and sleepy tantrums and overall it’s just a more pleasant experience.

The only tricky bit is, he refuses to take the bottle. Someone suggested I’d try a spoon, it kind of worked but at first he didn’t understand that he should swallow, so I mashed a tiny bit of banana in it, which worked better. It gets easier and easier the more I try (but now only with milk) but he gets bored before he gets full so right now I take him to wifeys office for a lunch time snack, which is great… so she can spend some time with him as well and not be absent a whole day.


While I was already confident about taking care of him (because it’s not like I’ve been standing on the sidelines for 4 months), now that we’ve spent three days together like this I am more confident in my role as a Stay At Home Dad. I mean, of course there’ll be easy days and hard days but keeping up with a baby and managing a house construction all while doing other work is beyond full time.

By the time Ana gets home at 7-8 pm, I’m ready to sleep. I think I have to embrace the Spanish siesta to be able to survive these next 17 days. Yes, it’s only 17 days until we move into the new house and it looks something like this.

Adding to that, my family is coming to visit on the same day as we move, so there’s just a little tiny bit of pressure right now. Anyway, one more done… 17 more to go, wish me luck.