Month: November 2015


Here’s a subject that is neither glamorous nor is it always comfortable, but never the less necessary and important. I for one knew nothing about baby bowel movement prior to having a baby… on the other hand it would be a bit odd if I did.

Anyway, recently Ean went through one of his first major holdbacks when it came to pooping. When he was born he could perform up to three times a day, which is perfectly fine. If you’re reading this and don’t have a baby and if your baby will be breastfed, you might want to be prepared to experience brown water for the first 6 months. On the upside, if your baby’s breastfed it’s not going to smell bad (obviously it’s not jasmin flower smell either).…


I like to socialize and don’t mind being generous with my time and attention, whether someone recognises me outside as the Fatherologist, or if they’re just smitten by my sons smile. I get it, for younger people it represents something they probably will have in the future and for the older people it reminds them of when their kids were just babies. Or maybe they just like cutesy little cozy packages of joy. The reasons are many to want to approach someone with a baby.

But, I don’t understand how someone goes from wanting to say hi and do a little “goo-goo gaa-gaa” with the baby, to actually start touching my child. Okay, even that can be understandable, they want him to grab their finger with his tiny hand, or tickle his feet… sure, I’ll play along… but what in frogs name is going on when people start touching a baby’s face?…

Moments of Peace – Finding The Rhythm

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Since I went full time on this whole daddy thing it’s become more and more important to study, learn and follow a natural rhythm. While Ana was on maternity leave, granted he was younger, but it was easier to just feed and sleep him. I mean that was pretty much all he did.

Now as he’s older and needs more stimulation and entertainment and doesn’t have constant access to boobs and pacifying, it’s more important than ever that I keep track of his sleeping and eating. At the moment he runs a pretty consistent 2 hours awake / 1  hour sleep routine from 7 am to 8 pm. After that, depending on how well and long he slept during the day, he will drop for the night at about 9 pm, waking up once or twice just to feed until he’s up again at 7 am.

Accepting and promoting this natural pattern that he has shown me makes it easier for me to get things done and to keep him away from tears and aggravation both for him and me. While he’s awake I try to do the stuff I need to actively and while he sleeps I catch up on computer work. Anyway, this picture was taken today during his afternoon nap.…

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As parents we are all eager to share our kids success and progress but what you see a lot less of in social media is the downsides of parenting, the hard times and the struggles. For me, I recently passed through one of those periods and since I’m trying to be really honest with this blog and articles I want to be honest about this too.

As you may know I’ve been dealing with a pretty big house renovation and last week was the culmination of that as we struggled to hit the deadline, pack and clean out our rented apartment and trying to find some kind of decent level of standard of living for us and my visiting family despite not having finished painting or installed internal doors. Needless to say everything was a big mess.

At the same time Ana was working full time, which meant I somehow had to work, get the house ready and care for Ean at the same time. Ean was not very happy with the change of location, or the lack of attention that came with it and he took to tears more than I care to remember. Last week in general was a blur of tears, diapers, dust and frustration.…