Month: December 2015

His Distraction – My Productivity

When you have a baby, very little time belongs to you. You can usually not leave the room and often barely look away from baby unless you have some kind of distraction. Toys don’t really work with Ean, he plays with them for a few minutes but then he gets bored. As I mentioned in my post about toys and babies I’m not interested in buying a million toys to keep his short attention span occupied to the point where my house looks like a toy factory.

Ever since he was born, he wanted to observe and study, not an unusual interest for a newborn. Regardless if it was at the shapes in the visual stimulation videos or if it meant simply staring into the ceiling fan as it spun around, toys never gave him the same stimulation.

About a month ago when the house renovation was settling down I still found that I wasn’t able to be productive, neither with stuff around the house nor with my work. Against my will (believe me, I hate repetitive children songs) Ana insisted that I try a Youtube Channel called Super Simple Songs. I refused for the sake of my sanity but when I saw how easily she could spend 20 minutes folding clothes with him chilling in his seat watching and listening to “the wheels of the bus go round and round…” and other timeless classics, I decided I had to try.…

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ean-6-months-christmas-webYes the image is photoshopped, he can’t stand yet but Mr Snowman got so squashed when he was sitting so thank you Adobe. Now, before you start reading, below follows a long rant about relationships, family, past, present and future. If you just want to get to the 6 month updates, scroll down until you see a sentence in bold red text.

It feels like only yesterday… no it doesn’t, it actually feels like much, much longer but it’s been 6 months today since Ean was born. These past 6 months have been both stressful and wonderful but all together absolutely amazing. I think it’s finally sinking in that I actually am a father and that I’m responsible for an actual person.

Before Ean was born, as I do with all major life changes, I played out a million different scenarios of what it and he would be like. How fatherhood would change me, change my relationship with his mother and my views of the world. Truth be told, very little has changed, but at the same time, everything has. Having a child doesn’t change you per se. You can continue the same path with the same thoughts, feelings and opinions, be they odd or not.

I think the biggest change is how I feel about life and myself. Long story short, I’ve never been big on holidays, family oriented things and it probably has a great deal to do with the broken home I grew up in, with a not so unusual scenario of parents who fell out of love and lost their way, and me growing up with a underlying cynicism about relationships, family and in my case a distaste and contempt for Christmas, birthdays and other failed family celebrated holidays.

I was watching an episode of Modern Family (quite a random and trivial thing for a big insight) and there was a quote that went:

Why do we choose partners so different from our selves? Its not fate or chance or cliches like the heart wants what the heart wants. We choose our partners because they represent the unfinished business of our childhood. And we choose them because they manifest the qualities we wish we had. In doing so, in choosing such a challenging partner and working to give them what they need, we chart a course for our own growth.

As I sat there dumbstruck after 20 minutes of casual sitcom giggles and got hit with this big rock, I realised what I’ve kind of known for a long time. …