Month: January 2016


Yesterday I decided to make a Instagram series about a regular day as a SAHD. It was a lot of fun and many found them interesting so the following photos are dedicated to anyone who is scared about, planning to or already having a baby or simply just curious. This is to give a realistic impression of parenting over the course of a day.

Ean Goes to Baby Swim

Ean was only 7 weeks when we first introduced him to the sea but it’s been 4 months since his last swim, needless to say a baby develops and grows a lot in that short time. Let’s call this post The evolution of Ean’s relationship with water.¬†First let me show you a clip of his first dip in the sea and work my way up to last weekends adventure.

A week later or so we took him to a sea water pool which made it a bit more easier to manoeuvre him in the water.

This picture was taken a few weeks later when borrowing a friends floaty. He absolutely loved it!


This picture was taken a few weeks later when borrowing a friends floaty. He absolutely loved it!

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And finally, last weekend we took him to a baby swim class and I made a little video about that too.

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The Big, Small Moments

The first news of pregnancy, the first ultrasound, delivery, first laugh, first word,¬†step and a million other firsts count as big moments in a parents life and any development tracking software or diary¬†will tell you the same.¬†In this whirlwind of “firsts” there are some things that just knock you over in surprise because you never even considered them and never could have imagined that they would be anything significant.

Yesterday we went to LIDL and decided to put Ean in the Manduca instead of the stroller as we usually do when taking the bus. Usually we also just use the stroller to stack our shopping in but since that wasn’t an option this time, we took a shopping cart.

Ana asked if I thought Ean was too young to sit in the kid seat of the cart and I’m rarely the one to be on the cautious side when it comes to these things (I mean, somehow we evolved from forest creatures to civilised humans without going extinct due to poor judgement, and we’re not made of glass… so) so I told her, go for it.…

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when-baby-get-sickFew things are more painful than seeing¬†your child in pain and suffering, even if it’s just a cold, especially the first one. It was bad timing for us, but it was also the best timing. Having a sick child when you have family visiting isn’t the most fun way to spend holidays together but having family around when your child is sick is a godsend because everyone helps out and takes care of each other.

You never know when it’s going to hit and once it does it can be a biohazard zone of bodily fluids dispersed all over the place. With that in mind there are a few things you should have at home at all times in case of sickness and you might not be able to get to a pharmacy.…

11032403_10152806230606090_1214838934715989555_oJanuary or June, I could never have received a more wonderful gift for my birthday. Now, I know this is what all parents say or have to say but really and truly. I’m a skeptic and I scrutinize everything and everyone and to see someone so pure, so full of joy and love warms my heart and truly solidifies my belief in that everything starts with the parents.

There are no bad people, just bad parents, bad circumstances and bad habits. We come into this world bright-eyed and pure and society tells us what we are, orders us to conform and limits us in our development.

I grew up in a foreign country where I looked and acted differently from everyone else, where I wasn’t accepted because I wasn’t a part of the norm of what is and should be. I learned from an early age that I was different, but back then different meant something bad and it meant I had to change, but I refused.

Extremely extroverted as a child, I turned introverted and found comfort in meditation from the age of 14. I didn’t know it then but I was just trying to make sense of the world that too me looked fragmented and shattered.

I’m 37 years old now and the world still is, but there is a new normal brewing, a new hope for the future and as we as a society have gone from dictatorship, to communism, to capitalism and ultimately over- and self consumption, now there’s a generation of children growing up with technology at their fingertips and a fundamental belief that different simply means different.

Whether you’re gay, straight, black, white we can now allow our children to stay pure, to pursue their uniqueness and to embrace difference rather than calling it names and trying to kill it. We are finally acknowledging the power of embrace, the strength of diversity and finding our true selves instead of simply being plain selfish.

As we go further into space and our understanding of the universe expands, our world becomes smaller and as much as people talk about technology disconnecting us from each other, we live in a time where we can teleport ourselves around the globe in the blink of an eye. Transmitting thoughts and conciseness across the continents with a single tweet, exposing art in seconds rather than centuries and ultimately bridging the gap of our limited physical existence as we hitch it to one’s and zero’s so we can be more as one.

I was born on this day in a country on the verge of destruction and struggled for 30 years before I found peace and my true home which turned out to be a place inside of me rather than a geographical location. And this is what I will teach my son, that home is where the heart is, that he can be whatever his heart wants him to be and that most of the answers we look for externally, already exist inside us and are waiting to be found.