Month: January 2017

A Beautiful Moment

Being a parent means a lot of bodily fluids, repetition, sleeplessness and many moments of complete clarity, overwhelming love and serenity.

Ean had finished his breakfast with his mother when I sat down to eat mine. He was drinking his tea and decided to start moving the glass around and spilling it, knowing perfectly well that’s not okay. I told him no, and to stop it and moved the glass away from him to show him clearly that he should not do that. I gave it back to him a moment later and told him to be careful, he understands that much in any of the 4 languages we speak at home but decided to try my patience.

As soon as he got the glass back, he took the lid of the honey jar and started hovering it over the glass while looking at me and I told him no, don’t, nooo…. no! And with the most toddler-esque mischievous smile, dropped the lid right into the glass. I’m somewhat of a monster when I’m hungry, so I slammed my hand on the table, raised my voice really loud and shouted, NO!

He knows better than that and I think it’s Beleaf (in Fatherhood) who uses the expression “protect your life” with his kids, as if to say; you know what you did and if you like how things are, don’t mess it up by acting stupid.

Anyway, I moved the high chair away from the table and turned off his cartoons and just let him sit there while I finished my last pieces of pancake. Once I was done (I was still sleepy, food energy hadn’t kicked in yet and I looked generally miserable), he wanted me to take him down from the chair. I picked up his shoes from the floor to put them on before I let him out of his seated prison and as I bent down to put the first shoe on he reached out, grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me in with the tightest hug he has ever given me and kissed me on the forehead repeatedly.

The rest was a blur of hugs, kisses and tickles.…

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Development Leaps Are Like a Surprise Gift!


This week has been all kinds of awesome. First of all, Ana’s parents are here for 2 weeks which means I actually get some work done (and Xbox – Quantum Break is pretty badass!). Ean has officially dropped his second nap and adjusted the first one to be a bit later so rather than sleeping 9-11 and 14-16, he now drops at noon and sleeps for 2 hours and that’s it. Then depending on the level of activity during the day he goes to bed between 19-20.

This is great because in a few weeks he’s going to start the new daycare. This time with an actual transition period where he can learn gradually to let go and trust the people there. We were there a couple of times already in December and his attitude towards daycare has improved a lot. I know there will be tears during the transition but there’s a difference between “give me my toy back” and “OMG, I’m going to die!”-tears.

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Here he is rocking out his dapper bowtie at the daycare christmas party! With one nap out of the way it’s even more demanding for me to take care of him because it’s less time for sleep, which means less time for me to work, which makes me looking forward to getting him to daycare that much more. Not to mention, as fun as it is to hang out with his dad… he needs to be around other kids and learn to socialise and make friends.…

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