Being Rejected

I was in tears that day on his first birthday when he squeezed me tight and hugged me, that was the first time he had done that and at that moment I lost it, a whole year worth of diaper changes, cuddles, lullabies and endless feeding and patience and it was well worth the wait, from then on things got better, but mama was always number 1. Over the past three years, we’ve become closer and closer and while mama is still number 1… for a long time it felt well balanced. Then came yesterday.

I picked him up from school and he looked around confused:

Where’s mama?

Mama is working, as usual at this time, but I’m here.

But I want mama.

I understand, I miss her too but you will see her later and you can play together.

But I want mama. You go home.

What? Why?

You’re bad, I want mama.

I’m bad? Why? What did I do?

You’re a monster.

No, I’m papa cat. (it’s a game we have. I chase him and make monster sounds and when I catch him I kiss him all over and make cat sounds. Shut up, it’s not corny. 😛 )

No, you’re yucky. I want mama.

Well, mama is working but if you want we can go to the park and play.



Later that day, I tried to talk to him about it again and he kept persisting that I was bad. When I asked why, he didn’t have an answer more than that he wants mama. This morning, same response. I guess it’s his way of saying he misses her, or that he wants her to be with him and to see less of me… which I can understand but dude, it stings! I’m not sure what the underlying thing is so I’m afraid this won’t be a very informative post, I actually wanted to get your input. Have you been through this? What did you do? Drop a comment under the post on Facebook.