Bilingual Development

When we were at the doctor the other week, we talked about Ean’s development and the doctor looked skeptical when we said he could count to 10 and actually could identify individual numbers, like showing the number five when being asked.

Since then I’ve been trying hopelessly to get it on video but as soon as I start filming, he starts monkeying around and every attempt at┬ádocumenting it has failed.

Today he added yet another thing I have to film for longevity, he counts to 10 in both English and Spanish. I introduced Swedish numbers just a few days ago and I’ll admit Ana has been more on top of it when it comes to counting in Spanish so I’m feeling the pressure now .

Jokes aside, it’s fun to see that he’s able to distinguish individual languages and he already says basic things, like when he’s ordering us around he directs it at me in Swedish and then immediately switches to Spanish when addressing his mother. That’s pretty cool!