Ean’s First Dip In The Mediterranean Sea

The three of us went for a sunrise walk together. Ana was going for her first post baby delivery swim which she had been looking forward to for six weeks. I was holding Ean while she was in the water when all of a sudden, he let it rip and crapped all over himself and me.

We were planning to dip him after he had gotten his shots but come on, it’s the sea, not a stinky swimming pool and so I couldn’t resist. If you’re wondering about the “wiiii” sound I made, it’s what I do when we shower when I’m about to put his head under the water stream. I have no evidence of its relevance but it felt like a good idea to continue with it as we gradually are going to get him more and more into the water and eventually submerge him completely (just for a second, relax!).

He did tense up a bit of course, partial blindness and loud waves would do that to anyone for the first time but he didn’t dislike it, for sure! Pretty soon we’ll be bubbling away under the sea.