Ean’s First Independent Swim

Ean was only 7 weeks old when I first took him into the sea. When he was older we took him to baby swim but it wasn’t a very good class, very repetitive and I was concerned with the amount of black mold around the pool and general poor hygiene of the facilities at Cavalieri Art Hotel. Back then he was too young to even walk but he was paddling away in and under the water like a boss.

After we stopped going, the confidence dissipated and almost a year past. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to retrain him and bringing back his sense of security in the water. All though it’s a completely different ball game in the sea with currents, waves and the vastness of it, we’re making progress.

Today he finally let go and just like when he first started walking, he went from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. We swam about 15-20 meters out to the ropes that separates the swimming area from the boats. He hung onto my back on the way out and we chilled out there for a bit. Then, to my surprise, he swam on his own (With the floatation device on of course) all the way back to shore! I was so focused on him that I was shocked when my feet suddenly hit the bottom.

I was so excited, I ran up the stroller to get my phone and asked a gentleman to film this momentous day. I wish I could have gotten the long swim on video but hey, better than nothing!