Help Me Help Him Get Potty Trained!

About 6 months ago I started trying to potty train Ean after he had started indicating when he needed to go. Cool, I thought… it’s time to get rid of the diapers. It continued for some time but after a trip we did and came back home, he had reverted back to his old ways and no matter how hard I tried, and because of his irregular eating habits (eating like a monster one day and nothing the next) it was impossible to predict the approximate poop schedule. I gave up at that point and thought to myself I’ll wait it out until he’s ready to tell me again.

I kept interacting with him in the bathroom as I have done since his birth by showing what I do, how I do but when it came to him sitting on the toilet it was just a flat no, every single time. Letting him run around naked with a nearby potty has also not been an option because this toddler things he’s a grownup and he doesn’t want to do anything any differently from anyone of us so unless I plan on whizzing and crapping in his potty, he’s not going to use it.

Usually when he wakes up, his diaper is full but lately it’s been bone dry, which tells me that he’s learning bladder control and since just a few days he can now pee “on demand” so to speak, meaning whether there’s a flood or a drop, he can pee at will, which I assume is a step in the right direction.

But, I want to pass the question over to you readers… how did you potty train your kid? What is your advice? What worked and what was possibly even counter productive?

There are probably as many methods as there are babies because everyone is different and has their own frame of mind to take into account but I’m curious to see if I can gather enough information to reach a consensus or an average of methods which people use.

So, comment on the Facebook post, send me a message or email, whichever you prefer, just let me know how you got your kids diaper free!