I Want My Bed And You Can’t Come

We’re big fans of co-sleeping in this family. The whole “let him cry himself to sleep” method seems inhumane and unnecessarily cruel. I got the longer end of that stick though. Ean has his naps with me, falls asleep in 1 minute and I sneak out and get some stuff done until he wakes up 1-3 hours later. Ana, who has been breastfeeding, usually wakes up a couple of times per night.

Either way, he’s always slept in our bed, despite having his own room and his own bed. We didn’t push it, personally I love sleeping with him because he tends to pull me into a small nap too and he never wakes up until he’s done resting. Ana, despite the waking up at night loves to sleep with him too, but it seems that might be about to change.

Today, when I was taking him to the bedroom for his nap, he protested and said he wanted to sleep in his bed. I think that happened once before, when he had just gotten the bed, but I had to squeeze in there and cuddle until he fell asleep. So it was so cute when he told me that he wanted to be alone. I gave him a kiss and wished him sweet dreams and he turned around to fall asleep.

5 minutes later he called for me again:





-Okay. You want me to sleep with you?


-You want me to sit here until you fall asleep?

-Yes please.


Two seconds later he was asleep.

I’ve been thinking about what stance he’s going to take when the baby’s born. Either he will revert back to babyism in an attempt to keep the attention on him and because that’s what he’s known all his life, or he will want to show us what a big boy he is.

Knowing him, I think he will follow the second pattern. He loves to learn new things (who doesn’t?!) and enjoys the evolution of self. He watches our old videos (can I call them old after just 1-2 years?) and compares himself with how he is now and what he can do in comparison. He’s a proud person but never hesitates to ask for help when needed. I was the baby of the family, I wanted everything done for me. My brother on the other hand wanted independence pretty much immediately and insisted on doing everything on his own. Ean, is a mix of both. Pushing and challenging himself for the sake of curiosity, achievement and pride but will also hang on me like a wet towel when he’s too tired to walk or simply bored.

Either way, I welcome this development and hope it becomes a regular thing as he establishes his domain more and more and starts laying the foundation for his space both physically and emotionally.