Learning To Swim

After just a few days of practicing independent swimming with the sleeves and the floaty around the torso, we took the sleeves off to increase his mobility and get one step closer to real swimming. He obviously got tired a lot faster but he kept himself up on his own and it’s amazing to see after just a few days.

We had a big discussion about what kind of floatations assistance to buy for him but I insisted on this one with support for arms and torso. The one around his torso keeps him floating and the sleeves prevent him from flipping over and keeps his head above water.

Both me and Ana are avid swimmers and grew up in water so we’re both opinionated on the matter. If Ean was older I’d say the support around torso is enough but given his age, it’s important to convey security and safety and once that’s established, you can work more progressively once he’s learns to maneuver in the water and doesn’t feel scared not being held by either one of us, confidence is key in everything!

I play a lot with Ean every day but all play has a purpose and it reflects on his development in strength and coordination. His rate of development is currently closer to that of a 3 year old than a 2 year old and it’s all due to daily activity, challenging and allowing to fall (safely). Whether we’re doing pull-ups in the park or lifting buckets of water and walking back and forth with them, they all play a huge roll in his development and reflect on other aspects like appetite, sleep, coordination, confidence and independence.

Not only does it reduce risk of accidents and injuries but it also brings us closer together as we explore, challenge and learn new things together. I know it’s easy to fall into the pattern of fear and hesitation but I don’t think you’re doing anyone any favors buy simply putting fear, doubt and lack of experience in a child’s mind and heart. So go, let them fall (safely!), let them learn, encourage them, guide them to greatness and always be there to kiss the booboo