Quackquack – Ean’s Fluffy Friend

Last night, Ana had packed a box of Ean’s old toys and stuffed animals that he never pays attention to. She put the box by the front door to take outside the next day. In the morning, as I and Ean were getting ready for our daily morning run, he discovered the box and started pulling things out. Out of all the things in there, the goose from Jysk caught his attention and he started walking around, exclaiming, quack quack!

Oh, I said. Is that quack quack? Yepp, he replied enthusiastically. Mind you, he almost never plays with toys and has no emotional bound to any materialistic items. He generally prefers songs, learning and educational things on our iDevices but never feels the need to take any of that outside. But, as as we were getting ready to go, I asked him to give me Quackquack (that was his name now of course) so I could put him to sleep while we went for a run. To my surprise, all of a sudden he broke into hysterical tears, sulking and repeating, quack quack, Quackquack!

Whoa, easy easy fella… chill. Okay, I said, here let me strap him in with you in the stroller, and all is right in the world again.

He held Quackquack high above his head while I was running with him in the stroller, making swooshing and flying sounds. When we got hime he ran to Ana to introduce her to his new friend. He then had a nice wash (because he’d been sitting on a shelf for a year or so) and was taken to the terrace to sunbath.

In the afternoon, when they went to get the laundry, Ean came running into the kitchen to me with Quackquack, now all white and clean and I got a hug and kiss from both of them.

Now it was time for Blippi and eating and Quackquack got his own chair to sit on, placed and positioned by Ean. At one point, while I was cooking I heard Ean talking and assumed he was with Ana, but he was showing Quackquack his numbers book and teaching him to count. I actually got it on video and it was hilarious!

When it was time to sleep, he left Quackquack on the chair and I laid him down, as if to sleep and said my goodnights to Ean, who immediately started to cry. He didn’t want to leave Quackquack all alone in the kitchen over night and they went happily to bed together and are now sleeping peacefully in the crib. Good night Ean, good night Quackquack!