Among the rare things for Ean to have seen in his short lifetime, unbelievably enough, rain is one of them. We live in a country (for 9 more days!) where it almost never rains between June and September. For me, as a child of Sweden, it’s suffocating at times, especially when not even the sea is enough to give a refreshing break from the summer heat. This is all Ean has ever known though.

So seeing rain, a proper down-poor is something he hasn’t seen since last winter and judging from his reaction this morning, it wasn’t something he was familiar with. I mean, he identifies it as rain from Super Simple Songs “rain, rain go away” but he hasn’t had any personal relationship with it as such, which is a shame!

This morning, when I opened the front door and he ran away in fear when he heard the loud gush of water from the sky, I picked him up and stood by the front door so he could see it wasn’t anything dangerous. So I put him on my shoulders to take him outside for a second to feel the rain.

When I was a kid, and generally in Sweden there’s an expression that goes “det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder”. Which means, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad (choice of) clothing. This was something I grew up with and when he told me he wanted to go out into the rain I didn’t hesitate for a moment. We got soaking wet but it was SO much fun!

It’s SO important to let your child bond with nature, to embrace its beauty and power. It is a part of us, it’s where we come from, regardless what country we come from and what our social status is. Under the pouring rain, we are all the same beautiful wild creatures, appreciating the wonders of nature.