Sheet Happens

Back when Ana was still pregnant, we were at IKEA one day and I saw a set of sheets for Ean that were absolutely adorable. Ana thought it looked creepy but I insisted we buy it, she gave in to my obsession for aesthetics. Today I thought it was time to change sheets, and I found them at the bottom of the pile and decided it was time to get Ean’s creepy sheets on!

After that and a bit of cleaning we went to the park and then went swimming, as we always do every morning. Ean has never been huge on eating a lot so feeding him has always been a bit of an uphill battle. Today was not one of those days as he body slammed a large portion of porridge with a glass of milk in the morning and a whole pouch of fruit puree after the swim (I prefer to not give food around swimming time because of the rigorous activity and the occasional gagging on saltwater which a few times have emptied the content of his stomach into the bay, not optimal).

On our way home he nibbled on some banana chips and after the shower, as I picked him up to rock him to sleep, as I always do, he refused to lay down in my arms and screamed bloody hell and kept putting his hand on his cheek and pointed to the foot of the bed where the top sheet was, as if to signal sleeping. I sat him up and asked what he wanted, first he repeated the motion with his hand to his cheek and then told me he was hungry! My goodness, he just ate, but he was relentless and it wasn’t the regular occasional “I don’t want to go to sleep so I’ll make up a million reasons for not to”, he wanted food!

I went downstairs, brought him some pasta leftovers and half a banana. Nay on the pasta but he went for the banana and some water and then decided he needed to go to the toilet. After all that was done, it was time to try to get him to sleep again.

I picked him up to rock him to sleep and this time without crying, he showed again the hand against the cheek and pointed to the sheet at the foot of the bed and this time I just put him down in the crib to see what he wanted. He calmly grabbed the top sheet (with the “creepy” print), laid down on his back and pulled the sheet over his head, peeked out at me once and immediately fell asleep.

I thought he was joking, that it was the most elaborate and patient rendition of peekaboo but I actually had a look and he was fast asleep, completely knocked out. He grabbed the sheet from my hand, tucked it under his arm and rolled over to his side and I had to stop breathing to prevent myself from breaking out into loud laughter.

So Ana, you were saying something about creepy sheets?

WIN! 😀