Swimming Tool For Toddler

This thing is genius. For the past week we’ve been practicing swimming, jumping, going under water and so on. Today I introduced a new tool, this ehm… floaty thing. I noticed that when I have floatation devices on Ean, he relaxes too much and is simply suspended in the water, barely doing any work. With this, it’s an extra element of play and it did exactly what I was hoping, it got him kicking.

As soon as I instructed him how to hold it, he grabbed on and held it against his chest and started kicking with his feet. A stroke of luck? Nope, I gave it to another kid, just a bit older than Ean I think and he started kicking exactly the same way.

What was even cooler was that while the other kid was using it, Ean continued kicking on his own, with only the floaty around his torso, and this was just 10 minutes into the exercise!

After just a few minutes I let go and let him maneuver it himself which of course lead to him loosing balance and flipping it and himself under water. Every time he did, he felt it coming of course and by doing that, he was prepared to close his mouth and hold his breath.

Yes, he cried for a few seconds because of course it’s scary, but he got the hang of it really quick and it’s a tool I recommend for anyone teaching their kid to swim and to be more mobile in the water. Try it, you’ll be surprised.