Teaching To Bake Teaches About Life

When my family escaped threat of death in Iran by the Islamic regime, my parents settled in a small town in the south of Sweden, Bankeryd. Coming from a completely different culture, taking welfare money and living passively was not an option so the first moment they could, they started their own business, buying a pizzeria.
There I watched my parents bake every day. The massive dough blender, the kneading, the moist towels and long rows of buns that would later on be spread out into pizza pies and kebab bread.
Bread is borderline religious in middle eastern culture and my home was not an exception. Knowing how to bake bread is a staple in our family and of course something I want to pass on to my son.
Yesterday was the first time he saw first hand, how bread is made, and got to be a part of it. He was so excited and giddy all throughout the process and when his mother woke up, he proudly showed her his baked bread, made from scratch and he absolutely refused to eat any other type of bread than that which he had made.

These things aren’t only about baking, at its core it’s about bonding, learning and developing. We don’t do our kids any favors by giving them plastic wrap, pre packed and industrially manufactured food. Getting your hands dirty and making something yourself doesn’t just give you great knowledge, it gives you confidence and builds self-esteem and brings you one step closer to the notion of capabilities, development and ultimately success.
Steve Jobs learned from his father that it’s not only about surface, that every detail inside a product matters as well. It was the same fixation with perfection that later made him put his soul into the design of something as trivial as a power brick, while others called him crazy and I do’t need to tell you about his general success that followed. Today he’s recognised as one of the most innovative and forward thinking people of our generation.
Now, I’m not saying that teaching your child to bake will make them rich, successful arrogant assholes in the future, but I do encourage you to bring your child into everything that you do and make them feel worthy, strong and independent. We owe it to our children, to bring them closer to their purpose in life, with less restraint, hesitation or doubt.
Geez, this was supposed to just be a cute picture of Ean rolling out dough, ooops. 👨‍🍳