The Magic Of Boobs


My fascination with boobs doesn’t stop where most men’s fascination do. As a father, I’ve seen them perform miracles over and over again and there’s no shortage of praise for boobs in this blog, this post is no exception.

This weekend Ean got a stomach bug. From out of nowhere he hurled a projectile of vomit right across the room like something straight out of The Exorcist. We scaled down on the food and what he ate, kept it simple with pasta, rice, potato. Nothing worked, it all came out flying like Steve-O from Jackass riding in a shopping cart in an empty parking lot.

The only thing that didn’t trigger vomiting was, guess what, breast milk.

After the first 24 hours breast milk was all he had kept down and we decided to keep him off food for 12 hours, only gave him Bioflor (stomach bacteria in powder form dissolved in water) and let him rest and sleep as much as possible. With low blood sugar and energy, some of dad’s classic lullabies and a calming bosom, knocked him out.

Any doctor will tell you that if a child is vomiting and not eating in 24 hours, it’s time to go see a doctor, possibly even the hospital depending on level of dehydration due to the expulsion of liquids from above and beyond.

Now we’re about 48 hours past the first touch down, yesterday he vomited several times and today only once. The bacteria is doing its thing of course but the one thing that’s kept him alert and away from further degradation in health has been, without a doubt, breastmilk.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat it forever, breastmilk (and Ana’s relentless commitment to breastfeeding) is the number one preemptive, sickness preventing and recovering, comforting and soothing, magical creation that has rendered me speechless on many occasions.