Throwback Thursday: Giving Wraps A Bad Rap

Throwback Thursday: Ean, just a few weeks old and already a giggle feast, while I was experimenting with the wrap to carry him in various ways. This photo in particular got the wrap purists all up in arms because this particular way of wrapping a baby didn’t have their stamp of approval.

The reason being, someone had carried their baby like this, not paid attention and the baby ended up suffocating. Several babies have died in water accidents due to negligence too but you blame the parents, not the water. Personally I am of the opinion that there is no possible place or position that you can put an infant and not pay attention, that’s just bad parenting. You always, always, pay attention.

I loved that wrap but once the real summer heat hit in July and August it was unbearable and it got sweat soaked in a matter of seconds. It was provided by the lovely people at Oscha Slings​ and I still feel guilty for not writing the review which was why they sent me the wrap in the first place! It depends on body type as well but for someone like me it’s impossible to wear a wrap like that in the humid Mediterranean summer of Malta.

While they do make a amazing high quality product, I did contact them about their lack of focus on men, which they disagreed with. However, looking at their photos, out of 183 wrap photos, only 7 of them feature men and most of them are the same guy. Also as a man or just as a simple dressing person, I don’t always like florals and complicated patterns. I’m a simple man with simple style. Maybe it’s better they never got that review, I kid! Honestly though, wonderfully luxurious feel to their product but maybe Ana should have written that review.

Anyhoot, by the time the island cooled off, we had moved on to manduca​ because it was less fabric, less complicated and unfortunately it ended up in the back of the closet. Yes, I tried Ergobaby​ but the reseller who provided it was trying to buy a positive review by telling me I get to keep it if I wrote a positive review… I was offended by that and ended up giving it back without reviewing it at all (manduca is better though, in my opinion).

Oh and do you see those small plants in the background? They were a HUGE contributing reason to why Ean was conceived in the first place, but that’s a story for another day.

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