Why Ana Is Perfect For Me

This morning, I walked Ana and Ean to the subway with him on my shoulders, holding an umbrella. I wanted to stop to take a photo with him because I don’t have a lot of those. In doing so, they missed the subway by a few seconds. She sent me an angry message “Damn picture, 2 seconds late.” to which I replied “Cherish moments, not schedules.”

Me and Ana are very different from each other. She’s the brain, I’m the heart. How does that work? It does because we are each other’s opposites. I give emotion to her logic when needed to create balance and she brings reasoning and reality checks to my sometimes extremely heart driven choices. Who wins? Whoever stands to benefit the most. I think we’re honest enough with ourselves and each other to be able to say when to insist and when to give in. Someone was asking how I make it work with someone who is so different from me and it’s actually quite simple.

Over the years I’ve dated my fair share of bohemian-yoga-poet-artist emo’s. All of those relationships have crashed and burned rather fast because it’s impossible for two highly emotional beings to function as a team. At least not for me because contrary to many “artists”, I also have an very driven analytical and logical side that simply can not deal with a hippie minded ideologist. I can relate to the humanity and heart of her but ultimately, if it doesn’t make actual sense based on factual parameters, I dismiss it.

While Ana is a logic based and structure craving individual who lacks a general understanding of art, she really appreciates my ability to bridge that gap; to fuse the mind and heart and bend the parameters of logic to make it fit into the narrative of my visions. Simply put I’m just as stubborn about my visions as I am with everything else. Sometimes I fall short on either side because it simply can not be done or I planned it wrong, but you’d be surprised how much you can bend reality simply with dedication and motivation.

For example, if I walk into a real estate plot of rubble, I can visualize the finished house in great detail. She can’t. But… and this is a big but; she trusts that bridge between my vision and execution and while she doesn’t want to watch me perform the agonising actions of getting it from rubble to dream house (is stresses her out and gives her anxiety from all the loose variables and impossible predictions), she always jokingly says “Just tell me when you’re done”. Now whether it’s raising a child, building a house or getting a new job, this method of madness still applies; I don’t care what others say is impossible, I will have my way, one way or another.

Yes, this is us in a nutshell and it is that simple, she’s the brain, I’m the heart. At first glance it might look like we don’t have a lot in common but we aren’t together because how alike we are, we are together because we complete each other and lift each other up. It’s these fundamental things that fuse us together. She will hate me in the moment that I ruined her schedule, but she will look back at that photo and cherish it and I will get snappy at her for trying to make my day into an Excel sheet, but it will also get more things done so I can go back to dreaming about my next big thing.

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