Why I Decided To Become A Father

Did I ever tell you why I decided to become a father? I’m sure I have at some point over the past three years but as I sat down this morning to prepare some things, I thought it would be a good story to tell as we’re drawing closer to the winter solstice.

I never wanted kids, ever. But, one day Ana brought me a present, a small citrus tree. That following spring, I became curious about how and what it takes for a tree like that to grow. Turns out, all you have to do, is to put some seeds in a wet paper towel, put it in a plastic bag and leave it in a sunny window. Two weeks later my seeds had a little tail and a head and were ready to be put in soil.

My curiosity expanded and I started growing chillies, ruccola, tomatoes, grapevines and my boring tiled roof terrace had turned into a green oasis where I used to spend days just sitting there watching the plants, eating fruits and veggies straight from the plants, in complete adoration of nature and probably a touch of hybris at playing God and bringing life to the world.

I think you know where this is going. I thought, if it was this intriguing to watch chillies grow, how amazing would it be to watch your own child grow?! In September of that year Ana got pregnant and the following summer my fascination with plants had gone from cherry tomatoes to that adorable little creation you all know as Ean.

As I get older, I feel a stronger pull to retract back to nature. I’ve always been a big city guy but there’s something about the mountains, the earth, the silence and the solitude that is pulling at every fiber of my being. Hopefully, next year I will be able to purchase a piece of land and start building on that dream but until then I’m trying to keep that dream alive with habits, hobbies and traditions to keep me connected to that dream.

Seeing as we live in a climate that allows for growth all year around I don’t think the rule of “last frost” applies and I decided that the winter solstice would be the perfect day to plant new life, as the days get longer and warmer. What better way to celebrate new beginnings and life than to, on that day, plant the seeds for the new year?

Since before Ean was born, I had this idea that we would plant citrus trees together, from seed and watch them grow over the years. What can I say, I’m a sentimental blob and having that connection between my seed and my plants is something absolutely beautiful and precious. So, Friday December 21 2018… get ready to bring life.